Nuclear Coffee - My Music Collection 2.0

Nuclear Coffee - My Music Collection 2.0

Organize and manage your music collection in a database
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Nuclear Coffee – My Music Collection helps you organize and manage your music in a database. The program’s interface is easily navigable, thanks mainly to the use of ribbons to compartmentalize so many functions. Luckily, there is a sample database you can use to learn the basics before you create your own collection. Besides, if you have any questions, it is good to know there is a well-organized accompanying help document.

Good news is that there are multiple ways to add new music to your collection. Thus, in addition to entering data manually, it is possible to find the required data in online databases, such as MusicBrainz, Discogs, and iTunes, by entering the name of the artist, scanning a bar code or inserting a music CD.

Besides the basic features of keeping information about the music in your collection, this tool comes with others that may come in handy quite often. One of them is the Loan Manager, which lets you keep track of the discs you lend to your friends. Likewise, you can consult statistics about your collection, which includes the number of releases by artist, genre, etc. Moreover, it is quite convenient that you can view the data as tables and different types of graphs. Also, you can export the selected data in various formats, such as PDF, HTML, Excel and XML.

In my opinion, one of the advantages of the tool is that you can customize dictionaries to include other types of data. For instance, it is possible to add new media types, genres, conditions, statuses, channels and instruments. Let us say there is a new musical genre tomorrow, you will still be able to add those tracks to your database.

All in all, Nuclear Coffee – My Music Collection can help you never lose track of your music again. There is only one thing I tried to do and it was not possible: scanning a folder to add your music to the database. Finally, although the product is not free, it is possible to try it at no cost.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Exports to various formats
  • Automatically fills in missing data
  • Various ways to enter new music
  • Configurable dictionaries


  • Cannot scan a folder to add the music there to your database


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